Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perfect Strike - Almost there...

Perfect Strike - A Closer Look

I've gotten to the meat of the kit, so to speak, and that's how they integrated the Aile, Launcher and Sword packs into one unit.

In the first two photos, I compare the size of the backpack to the old HG Aile pack.

As can be expected, the new enlarged wings and the two pack systems just made it look bigger and meaner. I also get a lot of the Destiny Gundam vibe from this backpack.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Perfect Strike...

Wings are based on a mix of the MG and PG. Perhaps it refers to the incoming MG Ver.2? Also, the Launcher's stabilizer arm has less articulation than the original version (came with an FG). Not sure if you can swap out parts (I need someone's help on that one, will contact ASAP).

The sword can't be used with the old FG - it doesn't have the peg hole for the mount. Still, it looks like they used the old FG parts as the basis for the weapons systems.
I was actually writing a bit, when a friend dropped this off at my place. Yes, It looks like a Perfect Strike, indeed.

1) Main kit really is the old HGGS Aile Strike. It has all the old parts for it, with slight recolors - the grey has become Metallic grey, for example.

2) The new parts are minimal, in the sense that there are no extra parts to change the Launcher and Sword pieces into searpate weapons systems (I guess they were happy enough with the RG versions).

I'll be assembling this by sections over the next few days.

Breakfast Reveries

Sauce: small portions of garlic and onion, then one tomato - all slice and diced; do the same for small amounts of tuna, olives, capers and mushroom. sautee all ingrdeints in pan, then ass spaghetti sauce and water. Simmer until sauce is 
thick. pour over pasta.

Some people ask me why I wake up at the god-forsaken time of 5:30 a.m., when I could just cook all the food for my partner and I at night, then just zap everything in the microwave in the morning.

The answer is simple: cooking helps me think. Somehow the procedural side of cooking helps me get into the mood for the whole day.

Besides, I want freshly-cooked food in the morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Video: "Please" - The Cellar Doors

This is a test video of one of my bands, The Cellar Doors, performing "Please". Pardon the roughness. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo - UP Fair 2013

We played only three songs at the UP Fair (Millipede, Lines Crossed, and Stabbing at the Shoulders of Giants), but it was fun, though a bit tiring, owing to the timeslot.

Personal observation: Hair + Clothes = somehow '90's vibe.

Frame Arms Mecha Model Kits

I first fell in love with Frame Arms mecha model kits when I realized that if I had the basic endoskeleton - lovingly called the Architect Frame - I could keep on adding armor and weaponry until I could have my own kit.

This particular mecha (the one shown above) is the latest version of what I've attached to the endoskeleton.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Music: "Counterclockwise" - from the Cellar Doors

Something new from my band, the Cellar Doors.

If the iframe above does not play right (It was iffy with me), please do check the song out here.

Gundam - The Newtype Asylum Photos

A long time ago, I was part of one of the first English-language Gundam sites, the Newtype Asylum. Though I wasn't there from the beginning, I was most certainly there for the end.

We were working on a fanfic, with the idea of filling in the times in-between official stories.

These two photos were done especially for the story. It used two of my earliest Master Grade Zaku Kits. I'd have to say, they hold up well over time.

The two Zakus are the same kit. We just played around with the armaments and poses

The two weird fins on the legs are from a 1/100 F90 kit.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food Photos - Treffpunkt Jedermann

Excited to eat sausage.

Because I remembered eating good cold cuts bought from Treffpunkt Jedermann, the hubby and I decided to go to the outlet-resto on Edsa, near Cubao.

And so we went there. Since I had not been expecting much in the way of ambiance, knowing how old the place was, I wasn;t surprised. Hwever, for my friends who will brave the second visit with me, I have to say: It smells like a meat shop in there. I found that, strangely, a turn-on. Other people might not find it as conducive.

Also, the ambiance was essentially "shabby, mismatched, but we have GOOD FOOD."

And so we ordered the cold cuts platter, along with another plate of ham.


As you can see in the picture, Alex and I ended up with meat overload. Yummy. Alex and I are still planning when we're going back. But next time, we need two more people.

For those interested, click on this link for the current owners of Treffpunkt Jedermann.