Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perfect Strike - A Closer Look

I've gotten to the meat of the kit, so to speak, and that's how they integrated the Aile, Launcher and Sword packs into one unit.

In the first two photos, I compare the size of the backpack to the old HG Aile pack.

As can be expected, the new enlarged wings and the two pack systems just made it look bigger and meaner. I also get a lot of the Destiny Gundam vibe from this backpack.

However, one of the amazing things is that the main bulk of the backpack is essentially the same Aile pack parts. So what did they change? That's what the next pics are for.

It's here, at the final pic, that you can see what it really was all about. This one part ( the black horizontal piece that connects the weapons systems to the main pack, and also is the main connector to the Strike back area) makes the modification possible.