Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Perfect Strike...

Wings are based on a mix of the MG and PG. Perhaps it refers to the incoming MG Ver.2? Also, the Launcher's stabilizer arm has less articulation than the original version (came with an FG). Not sure if you can swap out parts (I need someone's help on that one, will contact ASAP).

The sword can't be used with the old FG - it doesn't have the peg hole for the mount. Still, it looks like they used the old FG parts as the basis for the weapons systems.
I was actually writing a bit, when a friend dropped this off at my place. Yes, It looks like a Perfect Strike, indeed.

1) Main kit really is the old HGGS Aile Strike. It has all the old parts for it, with slight recolors - the grey has become Metallic grey, for example.

2) The new parts are minimal, in the sense that there are no extra parts to change the Launcher and Sword pieces into searpate weapons systems (I guess they were happy enough with the RG versions).

I'll be assembling this by sections over the next few days.