Monday, October 31, 2016

So, how come Steve Rogers didn't get a Thor costume when he had the hammer?

My personal take on this is: He wasn't intent, even subconsciously, on owning it - he was just passing it along. Another possibility is that Thor, at this point, is still okay and alive, and the rightful owner of Mjolnir. CBR's Brian Cronin echos similar views (if not the same).

By the way, do catch up on the recent issues of Thor - you might be surprised as to the revised origins of the Mjolnir.

A Heart on a... Chip, not on a Sleeve

An artificial heart on a stamp. It looks like we're getting the building blocks together really quick.

Air Pollution and Ill Health among the Youth

It seems that air pollution in the form of fine particulates can cause damage to the blood vessels in young people. This is of particular concern for those living in large cities, such as the one I live in: Metro Manila.

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Uncanny Valley visitors from China

Eerily human-like robots from China. There are many, many improper jokes for that thought alone. But on a serious note: The idea of Blade Runner's setting is coming closer, in a certain sense.

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The Reflection: Stan Lee and Connecting with the Modern World

It looks like Stan Lee is beginning to get a connected to the pulse of today. That's good news, since some of his recent attempts have been somewhat problematic. One observation though: subconsciously or not, the trailer is like a combined love letter to Siegel, Shuster, and Kirby, mixed in with a bit of Macross Missile Massacre movements.

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The Magma Dome in South America

It looks like there's a lot of magma under the Andes. Hopefully, controlled eruptions will be the norm, rather than one big boom, as the Mythbusters like mentioning.

Beyond Silicon: Crystal Bismuth Quantum Liquid

"High switching rates and moving electrical charges around is the heart of electronic computing, and the crystal bismuth quantum liquid shows much potential. This could give way to faster microchips and more reliable, efficient computers."

Interesting to note that in some science fiction stories, there exists circuitry based on many kinds of elements. The most interesting I read up on was the idea of macrocircuits - in essence, whole buildings, or even architectural sites, functioning as large-scale circuit boards.

No More Toys: Miller, on Batman

We know that Frank Miller is a serious guy when it comes to the Batman narrative, but I would say that perhaps, instead of no more toys, it should be no more toys aimed at children. There's a BIG market for adult-oriented collectibles that the Batman franchise can benefit from. Of course, lately, it's been a lot of Harley Quinn, but that's not bad either.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Stories

Some of my friends find it weird that I have an abiding belief in the afterlife, the supernatural, and the paranormal. After all, I'm a sci-fi geek. But it's a personal thing. Here are some stories I shared with Radio Republic, about some of the urban stories I know of.

More Power: Battery Technology, Upgraded

It looks like the next big thing is for homes to have BIG batteries.

Something Positive: Funny Takedowns

When people ask me what webcomics I follow, I keep on telling them about Something Positive. Not sure if it's because I have a similar slant to my own humor, but I've always found it a curious blend of snark, sweetness, and dark humor.

Here's a sample page, with all attribution to R(andy). K. Millholland

Mitochondrial Mystery: Autism

Are mutations in the mitochondria responsible for autism? It looks like there's something to it.

Gene editing a possible cure for anemia?

"This research is still limited to cells in a laboratory, but if the technique proves to be successful in clinical trials, would lead to more developments in gene therapy for other genetic disorders of the blood."

Office Hi-jinks, thankfully in comic book form only

All the offices I've worked in have always had one or more people who could be office employees in PvP Online ( In a way, they make office life more interesting. On the other hand, I've learned self-control to stop myself from strangling some of them.

Bob Dylan emulating Bill Murray, re: Nobel Prize

I can only imagine how the life of celebrities affect their need for being hard to reach - except by the right people. Still... Nobel for Literature! I do understand, though, if somehow, he has a point to being iffy. I mean... Bill Murray does it as a matter of course (but not for the Nobel Prize, true).

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