Friday, March 15, 2013

HGUC 1/144 MS-06R1A Zaku II (Black Tri-stars)

I'll be honest, I wasn't all that hot about this particular Gundam kit - I'm not really a fan of the Black Tri-Stars in general (oh, for the days when their name was translated as the Black Trinary). However, upon assembling this kit, I was pleasantly surprised at the simple but well thought-out construction.

I admit, one issue for me was the lack of weaponry - Zaku kits are usually loaded for bear!

First off, the posability is topnotch for the upper body - a joint at the midsection and standard HGUC armo joints make sure of that. However, the legs are a bit more problematic. This isn't just a historical issue, but also one where the new lower legs are really by nature more limited in standing poses. The best solution would be to keep on some sort of stand, since it's meant to be a space unit anyway.

This is me trying to imitate a classic illustration/MSV pose.

The backpack is very detailed, but be warned, all white parts and the red hexagon are stickers. This unit will definitely teach you to get better at basic masking.

Just like the MG kits, it comes with two antenna types - the modern "wing" type, and the old spatula version.

This is the old spatula version, both antennae have nubs you have to cut off, as you can see.

The big interesting thing: the shoulder weapons mount. Here it is with all weapons mounted. I think I forgot to mount the circular clips for the machine gun. There are two clips, and both can be mounted at waist slots. You can also choose to use the RG System Weapons version.

This is a variant on how you can mount the bazooka. Apparently, you can mount the bazooka either through the claw clamp, or through a peg/slot.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but I think you can mount two bazookas into the weapons mount, barring any fit issues with the sensors and handgrips, when they're folded down.