Monday, March 18, 2013

HGUC 1/144 AMS-129M Geara "Zee" Zulu

I'd been wanting to get one of these kits into my collection for a long time, and from the looks of how much stuff it's got, I heartily agree that this is one superior amphibious attack mecha. Based on the Geara Zulu frame (from Gundam Unicorn), the Zee Zulu is a sleeker aquatic version that can also function as a light infantry unit on land.

As you can see with the first photo, you're not lacking in equipment, though whether that equipment looks like it's really needed.... but more on that later.

This action pose, while it shows most of its weapons, is actually a bad idea - the machine gun is kept in an airtight aquatic case, which probably tells us that you'd never see this setup in an actual battle. Still, it looks cool.

This is how it probably looks like when it's already at the combat theater, but just waiting to jump from the water. Interesting use of comabt knives, such that the hand held knives become the thumbs for the claw hands, as created by the three claws that spring out from arm mounts.

When in transit, this is probably how it looks like, all weapons folded. again, very sleek, but I doubt it will win any points for stealth.

Now, about how those blades are stored - AWESOME. The dual-blade back sheathes are so retro and "ancient warrior"-like that it's a shame that most people won't see it once you've finished the kit. It can probably fit as an emergency set of weapons for the offidcer/Sauper type, too, if you can make the blade sheathes fit under the ammo belt and back pack.

This is how it looks like once it's discarded all the aquatic gear and is about to sortie. Personally, I think that if i were to get an actual kit for myself of this one, I'd ditch the flippers - they're a bit too ridiculous. Also, check out the shoulder details, very nice!