Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HGAGE Shaldoll Rogue

I actually had this with me when I received the Perfect Strike, but I only had time to build the two Rogue kits this past weekend. Here are some photos and observations about the Shaldoll Rogue.

The Rogue is basically a recolor of the Shaldoll normal unit variant, the only difference being the colors, the faceplate, the battleaxe, and the gun hand. But even with these "minor" changes, it's become a much cooler unit already. As you can see in the first pic, you have an option to use four weapons: the cannon hand, the axe (impleid for left hand, as there are gaps that suggest it), the shield and the one saber from the backpack.

One thing that impressed me was how poseable was, thanks to the leg joints. However, There is construction issue with the waist ball joint - the cylinder where the polycap ball goes into is quite deep, and the ball itself may slip from the post. If it does, the polycap ball could get stuck deep in the cylinder. It sounds minor, but it really does play havoc with posability, One should fill up the empty space with wadding or a similar filler substance.

You can see the "empty space" at the axe hilt in this photo. You'd need putty to fill it in, but otherwise, the arm looks pretty good slinging the axe on the shoulder. To attach the gun hand, you have to remove the wrist collar. Since the connection is just set by friction, it's a good idea to use sticky-tac or Elmer's glue to keep the gun hand in place.

Funny moment: Remember, there are two different-colored pieces for the front collar. Use the grey-ish one!

The shoulder armor tends to lie flat to the shoulder mount, so it's relatively easy to keep the shoulder armor stable. Also: The shoulder armor design somehow reminds me of Front Mission 3.

Close up of the faceplate.