Saturday, March 2, 2013

Perfect Strike - Final Entry

This is my final entry on teh HGGS 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam. I'll have some observations after the photos. As it is, enjoy!

I attempted to pose it as if it were charging into an enemy.

Tried to imitate the manual's action pose.

Close up

Using the sword as the primary weapon.

Using the claw system and the beam boomerang

Strike Noir can use the backpack, but nothing else in the system. Actually looks like a Destiny protoype.

The Dagger mecha barely works with the backpack. On the other hand, it can use the Launcher shoulder weapon.

The Akatsuki has trouble with the shoulders.


1) The Strike itself is a Recolored variant, with a surface shine similar to the GFT types. The grey has been replaced with a metallic grey color.

2) It's actually difficult to maneuver the cannon into a good pose - and you'll have to remove the grip to do it, then just reattach the gun grip with the hand in place. As for the shield - you can't open the claw of the shield and keep it attached to the main body - it always has to be launched, with the line attached.

3) The original beam boomerang had a swivel-open handle, this new does not. That means you have to really open the top part of the first to fit the weapon in.

Final Word
It's a great kit to get, if only for the visual impact. However, do remember that it is by nature an older kit with a new weapons system. Also, if you wish for it to be more posable, I would suggest that you find the Grand Slam Sword Custom Kit Set, so you can upgrade the base Strike kit.