Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Article: Do we still dream the American Dream?

Like many Filipinos, I’ve experienced the following scenarios:

1) “Why don’t you go migrate to the USA?” ­ – I used to be asked this question whenever I would attend a family reunion, or whenever a family friend would come back after years of living in the United States. I have to admit, I usually just smile and say that it’s not in my plans. However, whenever I hear a retort that can be paraphrased as “nothing will happen to you here in the Philippines,” I sometimes cannot help but answer back with something intentionally hurtful. This has caused much embarrassment for my family, but certainly not to me.

2) “If we were in America, (insert relevant information) would never have happened.” – Sometimes, I have to agree with the statement. Sometimes, I don’t. However, the idea of always being compared to America (specifically, the U.S.A.) can be a rather annoying thought at times.

It’s as if one of the best options if you live in the Philippines is to leave it all behind and go to the country’s former colonial master. And yes, that sounds about as bad as it plays out when written down.

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