Saturday, February 8, 2014

Article - A cold snap: A few weeks of Baguio weather in Manila

It used to be that if we wanted low two-digit temperatures, we had to go to Baguio, which is situated up in the mountains, or, in order of being ever-closer to Manila, we would go to Tagaytay or Antipolo. That’s because these places were higher up, and it should be said, they weren’t as large or as developed as the cluster of cities that is Metro Manila. However, that’s not to say that Metro Manila didn’t have its cold days – after all, the idea of cool December nights and simbang gabi is a living tradition.

As many people have noticed, Metro Manila went through a very cold set of days in the beginning of 2014 – so cold that even during the day, people didn’t need to use electric fans or other mechanical methods of cooling off.

For now, it’s a good idea to just keep on enjoying our weather, because what we don’t know for now is if summer will be even worse (as some people believe that a colder January will make for a hotter summer), or if summer itself will also cool down a bit.

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