Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And The Music Keeps On Playing...

I probably haven't talked about it much in this blog, but right now, I have two active bands and I'm working with Six the Northstar on his project. Here's the public output so far:


Our last major single with a music video was "Millipede," from our album Culling.

We'll be coming out with new material in the next few months, as we are now working with a new drummer, Matt De Mesa. Check out his other band, Oh Man! Oh God!

The Cellar Doors
This is the new pop band I've been involved in for about a year. No video yet, but we've got some stuff recorded.

Here are the following songs - demos only:



Six The North Star

He's an artist who fuses hip hop, jazz, funk and geek culture into a unique musical style. I'm proud to be working with him as part of his live crew on the occasions that he performs live.

These are his signposts on the web: Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube.

Do check out the various Facebook pages for updates on gig skeds and releases.