Monday, April 5, 2010

Dangerdog Review: Cog - Culling

Another review of my band's album on the net. Thanks to Dangerdog and Miguel Blardony for the review!

Cog: Culling
Progressive Thrash Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Tower of Doom Records

Making complexity your band's trademark is never an easy task, but Cog make it seem so. Blending thrash metal with post-hardcore and the various strands of rock's fringes (let's not forget the saxophone), Cog have quite the tall order to fill. Thankfully on this second album titled Culling they go about the task of battering our ears with much aplomb. On its opening salvo a soothing intro bathes the listener's senses with saccharine sweet notes until Promethean arrives in true rollicking thrash fashion. Ever the chameleon, the band skip from one tempo to another across this sprawling thirteen song opus, one moment they add Gothenburg death metal flourishes into This Means War then keep matters laid back and calm on the infectious Calliope...

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