Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our album's first online review!

I'd like to thank Archaic Magazine and Miguel Miranda for the review of our album, Culling. It's much appreciated.

CULLING Tower of Doom
Written by Miguel Miranda on Tuesday 30 March, 2010. Last updated on Tuesday 30 March, 2010

Say hello to the latest bunch of weirdos who are doing progressive metal like you’ve never heard before. Calling themselves Cog, this Filipino sextet bring their thrash metal places previously unimaginable without resorting to fey keyboards and assorted elegant frills. Alright, you have this Garon Honasan dude on saxophone. That's odd. But listen closely how his instrument is woven into the fabric of each song. Novelty is the word. What Cog are doing with the saxophone is so rare, it’s got to be a novelty until a bunch of other bands ape what they’re doing. Hopefully not...

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Again, a big thanks!

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