Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bromance in the Philippines

Once upon a time, while my family was engaging in dinner conversation, the subject of the Pinoy being touchy-feely was brought up – at the time, the term “bromance” had yet to be coined. My dad would say that in the olden days (insert 1950s music here), he and his friends had no problem hugging each other, or walking around with their arms around each other’s shoulders. In fact, they were very much unaware of the current “don’t touch me too much” mentality, except, expectedly, for the kissing part. We ended the conversation and proceeded to other subjects for our after-dinner coffee with the conclusion that people these days were more self-aware and praning about how they would be viewed if they were too affectionate with their same-sex friends.

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Photo: “Bromance,” by bostankorkulugu, c/o