Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Article - Being the unexpected: A personal journey about stereotyping

Being the unexpected: A personal journey about stereotyping

When I first submitted my interest for this article idea, I was thinking, hey, this should be easy. It was a simple thing, for me, to think about how people can avoid being stereotyped. I thought all I had to do was think of why stereotyping happens, and how one avoids it.

I realized, later on, that it wouldn’t ring true if there were no personal experiences involved – and therein lay the rub. Many people do find that talking about how they’ve been stereotyped is either an extremely sensitive matter, or one that is prone to a lot of emotional baggage. It’s a hard topic, because as much as people want to just gloss over it, be mater-of-fact about it, or ignore it, stereotyping is controversial at best. Therefore, I decided that perhaps I should start with my own experiences at being stereotyped, and then link it with the process of stereotyping, and how to get away from it.

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