Monday, October 7, 2013

Article - Heads-up for Philippine Cosplay: Updates and opinions (part 2)

The cosplay community is still very divided, with different factions with their own agendas, and even their own interpretations on what Cosplay is really about.
- Paul, veteran cosplayer
It seems that the cosplay community is, like any fandom community, divided into many different groups. And from without, they struggle with misconceptions. And then, there are the battles concerning aesthetics and gender-based issues.

Ron and Red, as fans, have noted those exact things, saying that “the beautiful people are pushing out the former geek kings and queens of cosplay,” and that “respect for girls is a big problem.”

Gin, herself a costumer but not a part of the cosplay community, is also concerned. On one end, she believes that if you will cosplay as a character, then you should strive on to get two things right: the best quality for your costume and props, and that you should not break character when you’re doing the rounds.

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