Monday, August 27, 2012

The Seven Wishes for OPM, Amended.

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A friend, Vin, linked an article on Facebook. It was about someone's Seven Wishes for OPM. As I read through it, I realized that I had a very different set of wishes. Here are those wishes, and I hope they come true.
1) I wish people would stop obsessing on the traditional ideas of "ORIGINAL" in OPM. Get over it. If it's an original song that takes from popular tropes and types of the day, then it's Filipino as long as it's made by one. Covers? Well, that's a matter of taste. Youtube? Why not? If you don't like it, then go somewhere else. The rule is: never take away from anyone who is trying. That's just a subtle sort of arrogance.

2) Songs start with the writing process. Some people think it may be easy to write, but it really is both a talent and a skill - natural and learned. However it may be, it pays to keep on writing. Didn't get the last song right? Put the lyrics, chords and melody in your library - you never know when the right pieces will come along. And if they don't, take that song as a lesson on what could be improved. Listen to people who diss you with a grain of salt - and pick up the good stuff. The negativity, just leave it behind.

3) Don't blame the kids for not going to the gigs. Face it, it's a new paradigm for kids these days. The best thing to do is to adapt to this reality. Make sure you do have online content - and through that, encourage them to come to the gigs. Learn merchandising, too.

4) Forget the hometown heroes. Just listen to good music, wherever it comes from. Regionality is great, but only if it's worth it. That way, if you do get into the music, you won't have those blinders on, either.

5) If you're in a band, always go for self-improvement. Even if you did get famous on three chords and a microphone, it pays to learn how to play better, write better and perform better. On a selfish note, you'll get damn good at impressing people. On a non-selfish note, you'll end up being a better draw and money's worth for your fans. Both are GOOD.

6) It's good to move on from the classics, but never forget why they're classics in the first place. Yes, I know we're all tried of hearing the 'Heads, Wolfgang, Razorback and Juan dela Cruz songs prepetually being covered, but there's a flip side to it: listen to these songs, figure out why they're the classics, use those lessons to do things your way.

7) Don't wish for someone to save the decade. Just wish that more people will get into music. That more people will love music. That more people will pick up instruments. Forget about saving music, just go out and play.
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