Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fender Surprise

Now, you guys are probably wondering, what's a guitar doing in a bassist's page? Well, dear folks, this particular guitar was given to me by my father just a few days ago. As if that wasn't surprising enough, this is my father's first Fender Strat, the one he bought in the late '80's when he was in the 'States. It's a mid-80's Fender Stratocaster Elite. It's one of those guitars that have a nearly equal number of supporters and detractors, thanks to some of its technical and structural design changes that set it apart from the normal Stratocaster.

But the thing is...I have always identified this guitar as my dad's. Yes, he's now shifted to a Paul Reed Smith Gibson-style and a '57 Reissue Hot Rails Strat, but, well, my good memories of him, a lot were seeing him with this guitar.

So, this is, in part, my inheritance from him. I still can't believe it's with me.

I guess it's time to learn how to at least play rhythm guitar right.

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